In their song ‘Eleanor Rigby’, Lennon McCartney wrote about lonely people and asked 2 questions

Q1   All the lonely people where do they all come from?

Q2  All the lonely people where do they all belong?


We don’t know the answer to Question 1 although we do know there are many lonely people in Melbourne

The answer to Question 2 is All the lonely people belong at  CARNEGIE HALL!

Do yourself or someone you know a favour NOW

If you are alone and need some fun in your life, don't be shy, come to Carnegie Hall.  Life’s too short to sit at home and watch TV.  Come and have some fun!

If you know someone who needs to have some fun,  forward them details of this website or give us their email address and we'll keep them informed of what's on.

Due to popular demand we have Singles Tables -  This is for singles who want to meet other singles (The first thing a lot of people will say is “as if I’d go on a singles table” I just suggest one thing  - FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, FIRST I MUST CHANGE. Most people are nervous at meeting new people; this is an easy way to do it.  No one knows which table it is, just call 0418 395 343 and say you want to go on the Singles Table. When you come in you tell the person on the door your name and they’ll tell you your table number. You sit down at the table and introduce yourself to the other singles.  It's non threatening and fun.

There are plenty of single women, so if you are a single bloke or know some single blokes please pass this onto them and come along on the night.